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8 Step Recruitment Process

It can be a little daunting or overwhelming when it comes time to hire a new staff member.

People HR have compiled an extremely effective 8 step recruitment process to help you ensure to hire the right candidate for the position and the right person to fit your business dynamics.

Step 1 – Put together a 'selection committee'
Decide which members of your team will be making the hiring decisions. For small or medium sized businesses you may decide that you are the only person in the 'selection committee'. However for a majority of businesses the 'selection committee' will be made up of 2-4 key team members.
When selecting committee members you need to choose people that are objective, people that uphold and compliment the companies values. You need to choose people that have your businesses best interests at heart.

Step 2 – Put together a job description
The better the job description you write, the better the candidates you will attract. You could amend a job description that you have used in the past, or you could get some ideas looking at job descriptions for similar roles used by other companies. When advertising a job description it should be written in a way that makes potential employees feel good about the position and the company but also needs to clearly outline exactly what you are looking for. Job descriptions should include:

  • Job Title
  • Department
  • Who the role reports to
  • Responsibilities
  • Expectations
  • Goals
  • Objectives
  • Opportunity for progression
  • Required qualifications
  • Required education/training
  • Required soft skills
  • Desirable traits
  • Job location
  • Travel requirements
  • Salary and benefits
  • Company culture
  • Company identity

Step 3 – Advertise
Post your job opening over multiple platforms, don't limit yourself to one platform. By advertising over multiple platforms you will reach more candidates therefore enhancing your chances of finding the perfect new staff member

Step 4 – Sift, Shortlist and Select
The next step is to sift through the large pile of CV's I'm sure that you have received. To compile your shortlist you and your 'selection committee' should go through all applicants and give them a score based on how they meet your requirements. It is extremely important to ensure you do not discriminate. Candidates with the highest score move to the next stage with an interview and ideally this would be best if it can be done face to face.

Step 5 – The Interview
Always plan ahead. Think about the questions you will ask or even put together a document with the pre -arranged questions and allowing sufficient spaces to document the applicants answers. The interview should realistically go for around 30-40 minutes. If you however don't find that the 30-40 minutes is sufficient dont stress, simply plan a round 2 in the interview stage with your top candidates.

Step 6 – Make Your Preferred Selection
Between you and your 'selection committee' compare notes and scores. Decide who is the best option for the role. However don't instantly pass up or rule out the other good candidates as you may just need to go back to them if it doesn't work out with your preferred selection.

Step 7 – Do Your Reference Checks
Remember to always check your preferred candidates references and qualifications prior to making any job offer but always keep in mind that reference checks don't change the candidates ability to do the job but it is good to know a little about how they were perceived, how they worked with others and how punctual they were. This will give you an idea of what you are in for. Always keep reference checks with previous employers short, and sharp ideally less than 5 minutes.

Step 8 – Make Your Offer
The final step in your recruitment process is to reach out to your chosen candidate and make a formal job offer. Although the candidate applied and showed interest in the position they still need to formally accept the job offer.
If for some reason for your preferred candidate declines the offer you simply go to the next best and repeat steps 6-8.

Happy Recruiting

To read the full article head over to people.hr.com/blog/2017/01/11/what-steps-are-involved-in-the-recruitment-process

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