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The Benefits of Cross-Training

Cross-training staff can come with some major benefits especially to small and medium sized businesses. Cross-training builds you a key team and a strong one at that.

Now I dont necessarily mean training all your staff across all aspects and positions within the business but rather simply identifying some of your key business activities that don't technically nee to be done by a specific member of your team.

Some of the benefits can include:

  1. Return on Investment – lets say a new task or project arises rather than immediately hiring a new staff member look within your existing team, you may just have someone that has done something similar previously or even someone with basic knowledge that can be easily trained. This saves you money on advertising a new position, saves you time in finding the right candidate and above all saving you from adding another weekly wage to your books.
  2. Increase in Motivation – Absolutely nothing will increase your teams motivation like the opportunity of growth. One of the biggest reasons good staff leave a good business is the feeling of being stuck in a dead end role. By providing your existing team members with enhanced training that open opportunities of growth within the company you will see motivation sky rocket.
  3. Business Sustainability – Now, we have continuously spoken about playing the long game in business and cross-training staff members can help you reach this goal. Look at it like this, say each of your key team members only know their individual role, their duties, their processes and their systems what would happen if they become really unwell and required an extended period of time off or what would happen if they decided to leave the company. By cross training staff even if something happened to a staff member your business can keep close to normal. This in turns makes your business more sustainable. You can keep playing that long game.
  4. Enhanced Customer Support – We have all been in the situation where you call a business to ask a question only to be told that they will need to check with a specific person and get back to you or they will take a message an arrange for someone else to call you back. By cross-training staff your customers can get answers or even a solution at the initial point of contact. Your customers will feel more satisfied knowing your company is filled with knowledgable staff members.
  5. Enhanced Team Work – By cross-training your staff you are giving your team members the chance to build relationships with other employees that they otherwise would have had nothing to do with. These relationships allow your staff to collaborate and work more effectively together towards your businesses end goal.

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