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Removing Blind Spots with 2020 Vision

Most people who are successful in business and leadership have learned to recognize their blind spots and how to overcome them.

Blind spots are those things about you that may be plain as day to others, but you have a hard time seeing. They blur your eyes to reality and the end result is a lack of confidence and indecisiveness, which leads to weak leadership.

The ability to overcome blind spots is a skill that can be developed by anyone. All it takes is an interest in learning more about your strengths and limitations and a willingness to be honest with yourself.

Five common blind spots:

1.    Selfishness

Everyone has a self centered side that is focused on their own indulgences and comforts. Unfortunately, most decisions made in the spirit of selfishness backfire because people see right through them. When your selfish side takes over, you become resentful and short-term sighted instead of being focused on long-term gain. The best way to rise above any selfish streak you may have is to acknowledge it as a negative factor in your life. Once you admit a negative characteristic about yourself that you dislike, you'll be able to subdue it.

2.    Strengths

Most people struggle when asked to name their greatest strengths and attributes. But if you don't know what your talents are, you won't be able to strategically decide where to invest your time and energy. For example, if you've got great creative skills but are struggling

to make it in a career that requires you to be task-orientated and focused on administrative or managerial tasks, you may be wasting your abilities. Determine your strengths and find a career that makes the most of them.

3.    Limitations

We've all got areas of weaknesses. Of course, most of us don't like to think about them, but it's important to know your limitations—not to strip you of your confidence, but to decide which tasks to avoid or delegate. Instead of wasting time trying to be good at everything, focus on enhancing your strengths and specialising in your specific areas of excellence. Knowing your limitations will also help you decide if any improvements are in order.

4.    Ego

Pride has a way of creeping into our minds and making us think and do things we normally would not. Pride is what spurs greed, compels people to disregard other people's feelings, and convinces us we are entitled to things we are not. Develop a positive self-worth but be careful not to let your ego tell you you're better than others, that you deserve more than others, or permit you to walk over others.

5.    Emotions

When you lack awareness of your negative feelings and their root causes, you have a harder time subduing them. It's not important to become deeply aware of every angry or envious feeling you have and why, but understand that some level of self-awareness is important in order to transform your moods.

Becoming aware of blind spots causes you to develop a deeper, more unshakeable level of confidence. You'll spend less time trying to overcome defeating odds, and improve your opportunities for success in business or leadership.

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