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To Change or Not to Change

To change or not to change…

Many successful entrepreneurs began their businesses after finding themselves unexpectedly without a job. Others faced failure, but turned their failure into success by making massive changes in their business practices. Of course, these people deserve applause for not allowing adversity to hold them down and prevent them from achieving success.

But we don't have to wait for a crisis to initiate change.

Be a change instigator

Even if you're feeling secure in your job, why not look to make improvements now? Why wait for negative circumstances to happen before making changes that will ensure that you'll still have security tomorrow? Why not instigate change that will cause you greater success?

Don't sit back and wait for adversity before planning for a better future. Take small steps today— whether it's in your attitude or your skill set—to ensure you're well positioned for advancement tomorrow.

There are many things you can do to ensure you're not becoming stagnant in your career. You can take a course, read books, and join professional associations to continue your education and gain networking opportunities with others in your industry. But here are a few other things you can do:

1. Don't be afraid of change

Change is inevitable, so you may as well get ahead of the curve by initiating change. Change can move you or you can move change. Use wisdom before taking any leaps, but resolve yourself to become more adaptable. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities and don't spend your life being risk-averse. Sometimes you have to take a risk to achieve a dream.

Being prepared is the best way to overcome fear and feel confident when facing change.

2. Look beyond what's required of you and learn other jobs in your

Offer to fill in or provide temporary backup in other departments that are short and help out when asked to do tasks that are not part of your regular duties. Not only are you learning new skills, but you're also showing a great attitude and positioning yourself for greater opportunity.

3. Set your mind on success

If you want to change your career for the better, set your mind on the things that will move you in that direction. Show up at work each day with the intention of having a great day. If you hit a roadblock, whether it's because of a personality conflict or a negative circumstance, don't let it divert your eyes from the success you wish to achieve. Too often people let a setback or unjust criticism permanently destroy their belief in their own potential. Whether you're in the midst of a career crisis or just having a bad day, hang on to your confidence and believe in your own success.

If we continue learning, remain confident, and initiate necessary change instead of waiting for crisis, we will find ourselves ready to step into opportunity


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