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It's time to succeed

Stuck on the defensive? Continually retreating and consolidating…

We've all felt under attack from time to time. We bring out the defensive line out of necessity, but some remain stuck there. All they do is watch out for the enemy. In this position, they can never move forward. Success is out of their reach because all they can do is retreat or maintain ground.

They don't strive for the next step forward, big things or take a new approach to reach new ground.

Ask yourself today: Am I spending too much of my time on the defensive?

If you're on the defensive, your mind will go to work finding all kinds of evidence to support your belief that you're under attack. On the other hand, if you believe that you can get on the offensive and take new ground, you will discover enough evidence to support that belief until you are confident and hopeful. And when you have confidence and hope, the possibilities are endless.

It's time to succeed…

There are a few key things you can do to move out of the defensive and take new ground.

1.    Switching to the offensive requires faith—a belief that a positive outcome will result

Being on the defensive is a fear-based reaction. Fear and faith both ask you to believe in what you cannot see. They both ask you to believe in the unknown. When we're defensive, we're making a prediction for the future. Like a bad psychic, we dream up ominous

outcomes and just 'know' that the worst is going to happen. Meanwhile, there's no way that we can predict the future. The first step to overcoming defensiveness is to realise its origin—fear.

2.    Make positive predictions

Once you've begun to be aware of when you're making negative predictions about your future, you can instead choose to assume the best. It's easy to stay defensive. What takes courage and effort is to decide to switch to the offensive. Although it takes some backbone, it's really not that hard.

3.    Stay humble

Once you begin to take new ground, the key to continued success is to remain humble. When you remain humble and look to raise others up, what ends up happening is others begin to the same for you. You can get your focus off yourself,  and prevent defensiveness from sneaking back in when you decide to help a few other people out.

4.    Think about the purpose of your success

If the only reason you want to go to the next level is to make more money (not that there's anything wrong with that), you may find that your passion dwindles. Sometimes, the key to pushing past the situation that's causing a defensive reaction is finding enough "why".

What's the real purpose behind your success? Who are you helping? What are you really accomplishing? Answer those questions, and you tap into an unstoppable motivation

It's time for you to take some new ground… begin to believe for the best, and watch your success snowball.


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