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Three simple steps to success

I would like to take you on a journey from survival mode, through to stability and onto success.

Many people live their lives in survival mode, living week to week with the thoughts of mounting debt keeping them up at night.

Survival mode isn't fun. It's much better to move to a place of stability. When things are stable, we fall into a routine and crises are rare. Business may not be booming when you're stable, but at least you're out of the red.

Some people are happy to remain in a position of stability. Their mentality is "Don't rock the boat." However, just being stable isn't great. We would all like to be able to say that we're successful.

Moving on from survival to a position of stability and on to one of success involves three key steps.

I call them POD: Prioritise, Organise, and Discipline.

a. Prioritise:

  • An ability to prioritise is vital. If seven problems spring up in your life and you diligently solve five of them, catastrophe could still result if you've ignored the most important two. The captain of the Titanic may have had several problems that he successfully solved on the day his ship sank, but he failed to look after the most important: icebergs.
  • Sometimes we think that we've set our priorities right, but when we actually examine our habits, we see a different storey
  • Other times we think we're doing fine because we judge ourselves by our intentions, not our actions. We think that if we intended to, it's just as good as doing it.
  • Intentions are useless. We need to take an honest inventory of how we actually spend our time and money, setting priorities according to what we value most.

b. Organise:

  • Once we've prioritised, it's time to get organised.
  • For example, you may decide that meeting with key staff is a priority. Getting organised means getting a plan together to make it happen. When will you meet? Where? What will you discuss? Who should be there?
  • Unorganised people are frustrated and stressed out, but an organised person makes the best use of their time and talent.

c. Discipline:

  • You can prioritise and organise, but can you discipline yourself to do it?
  • Discipline is the freedom of life. When you get priorities in order and are disciplined to stick to the plan, you can enjoy your time off free of guilt. Important items are taken care of and you can have peace of mind.
  • Discipline is like any other habit; practice discipline and it eventually becomes second nature.

When you prioritise, organise, and discipline yourself to follow your plan… success follows.

Success is fantastic, but there's even more to life.

Significance is even better than success. A life of significance is one that serves. It's using your success to benefit others. Success just for the sake of getting rich and living large is fun, but when you move your focus to others and live to be significant, life's fulfilment reaches a whole new level.


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