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Get off the treadmill of life

Ever feel like you're on the treadmill of life? Does it feel like it's going faster, and faster, with no direction… just like the hamster on the wheel! It seems like today we can live in a constant state of rush. We work at a frantic pace, and then our evenings are just as rushed. Finally, we fall into bed exhausted before it's time to do it all over again.

Then we take a holiday, only to be stressed out leading up to the holiday, then thinking about work when we are on the holiday, only to be behind the eight ball for weeks upon your return.

We're all trying to do more, go faster, accomplish lots. But it's absolutely devastating when it comes to our inner lives if we're not careful.

You see, most things we do are focused on our external lives. We have no trouble spending time, effort and money to look good, develop a social life, and create success at work. That's great—I do it too. But what are you doing to cultivate your inner life?

Your inner life controls your outer life

First of all, what do I mean by inner life? I'm talking about the part of you that houses your deepest thoughts and beliefs. Your inner life is the control center of your life—whatever is going on in your inner life eventually ends up visible in your outer life.

Many have never learned to cultivate their inner life by taking the time to question what they believe. When things go wrong, they blame circumstances. They don't realise that everything— their success in work, relationships and emotions—is all coming out of their core beliefs.

How do you know what beliefs are holding you back? Take an honest look at your life and determine where you consistently struggle. Then examine your thinking in that area.

You see, thinking is just asking yourself a question and then answering it.

Sometimes the problem lies with the answer we give to the question we're asking. If you're asking "Why would anyone want to buy this product?" and answering "No one would", that's a problem. You can change that to "This is a great product. I'm doing people a favour by getting it into their hands."

Other times, we ask the wrong questions. We ask "What's wrong with me?" when we don't get the raise or a promotion we were hoping for. There's no good answer to that question, so change it to "What can I do to increase my chances next time?

In the craziness of everyday life, schedule in some time to work on your inner life. Create some balance by fostering thinking patterns and beliefs in your inner life that will take you where you want to go.

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