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"Here at PI we are on a mission. I lost my cousin to suicide and it left a perplexed and deeply distraught world for myself, my family and Paul's family. Lets stand up, step up, and speak up for our selves, our friends and our loved ones.

Team work makes the dream work and PI is passionate about giving you back your time, your freedom and your energy… this ensures you are present, you are focused and you are gracious for the people dear to you in your life." Glen

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Men are known for bottling things up. But when you're feeling down, taking action to call in extra support is the responsible thing to do.

Trying to go it alone when you're feeling down increases the risk of depression or anxiety going unrecognised and untreated. Depression is a high risk factor for suicide, and plays a contributing role to the big difference in suicide rates for men and women.

On average, one in eight men will experience depression and one in five men will experience anxiety at some stage of their lives.1

Blokes make up an average six out of every eight suicides every single day in Australia. The number of men who die by suicide in Australia every year is nearly double the national road toll.

Everyone's mental health varies during their life, and can move back and forth along their own personal range between positive and healthy at one end through to severe symptoms or conditions that impact on everyday life at the other, in response to different stressors and experiences.

Effectively managing your mental health can give you significant improvements in your quality of life, increase your capacity to support your family and your mates, and let you perform at your best.

Looking out for yourself

Looking out for yourself is a bit like looking after the car. You know that a regular maintenance keeps the family wagon running well, even if it seems to generally be driving OK. And if things aren't running smoothly, it's time to book in a service.

However, though we're pretty good at keeping the family wagon running, many of us aren't as great at looking out for ourselves. In order for us to get the best out of our minds and stay healthy, we need to pay attention to doing regular activities that help us stay healthy and connected with the people around us.

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Looking out for your mates

We know that men get a lot of support and connection by just hanging out and knowing what's going on with their mates. Yet, blokes aren't always too good at starting the conversation to check in if they're worried about a friend.

Many men are wired to keep their feelings to themselves, to just 'get on with it', 'she'll be right'.

Men are told directly and indirectly, time after time, that talking about how they're feeling is somehow weak or un-manly. This kind of thinking can be really harmful, not just for men themselves, but for the people around them, too.

Showing our mates that we're here for them might mean sucking it up and starting the tough conversation, especially if we're worried about them. It could be the moment you prevent your mate from taking his life, and that's worth the temporary weirdness you might feel when starting the conversation with them.


Mental health is often referred to as an invisible illness. With your support, we're looking to change that notion. 

This Is A Conversation Starter (TIACS) not only embodies the underpinning philosophy at TradeMutt, but it is also the name of the not for profit mental health support service created and funded by TradeMutt.



Men are known for bottling things up. But when you're feeling down, taking action to call in extra support is the responsible thing to do.

Our mission is to support an industry and open up conversations. We are here to help spread the word. 

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