sales mastery 4 Trades

a special November event

Covid transformation series! Reboot your business!

Sales Mastery Webinar series

This is only for Trades and Small Business!

Join our pre sales customers for a special of $177!

Join today and set yourself up for a win. If you join today, you'll get immediate access to our online modules in preparation for the webinar series! 

Even better, we will let you pay it off in 3 weekly payments of $59! 

Learn the secrets to selling your services… this is the new age of ethical selling… I know you are thinking you don't like selling! I hear you, however Sales is the life blood of your business… you are dead in the water if you cannot come to grips with being your number 1 sales person… more so than ever the business owner needs to lead by example!

Join our 3 day sales blitz! Join JT and Jules for a 3 by 45 min live webinars each day as we cover off what it means to sell ethically! What it means to sell by way of education and what it means to serve your clients!

But this is not for people to sit and watch, this is for people who want to take action, that's why we have dropped the sessions over three days so you can build momentum.

Don't worry if the dates don't work for you, we will record the event and you'll have access to these recordings for 2 weeks!

Let's break down those barriers and learn from experts in sales! This is NOT theory, this is the REAL stuff from business owners just like you… we don't do this for a living, we do this for passion!

Learn what it means to sell and learn how to master it!

As a bonus, you'll also get access to the PI Academy
online short course in Sales Mastery!


day 1

Your Ideal Customer


day 2

Your Irresistible Offer

day 3

Over Deliver On Your Promise

Have Some Fun 🙂 Make Some Money $ Grow Your Sales!

as a bonus we're including our sales mastery course

Productise your offer:

Bundling services
Good, better, best pitch

Systemise your selling:

Rules of thumb and law of averages
Focus on 20% to outperform your competition

Simplify your conversation:

Using a sniper over a shotgun to build precision and laser focus
Connect the dots for your customers and close the deal

Bonus Module:

The power of Active listening
I hear you
I see you
I feel you

Dynamic pitching
visual appeal
auditory appeal
collaborative appeal

Get all 3 courses – Money, Marketing & Mindset!

Take advantage of our know-how to push your business venture forward.

22 lessons for trades business owners

get your free e-book

supporting you to get it right

So you can get back to the important parts of life

for a more intensive approach choose one of our coaching options

our 100 Day Program gets you on your way to kicking goals and taking names 🙂

Lets work together on rebooting your #mindset & your #business

Now is the time!! Sick of poor performance?? Take control of your future NOW 😉

...and from here, if you need more time, more assistance and more results, then join the coaching program that suits your budget to gain one-to-one access with us.

for now... you just need to show up, take action and implement. We are here to show you the way, lets walk the path together!

Josh Stanbury Profile



Our Academy manager takes his practical business experience, practical trade experience and his professional academic experience (MBA) to help your journey towards success. We are your sounding board, we are your advisory board, and we hold you accountable to your score board. 



Our Academy coordinator is your course and coaching interface, from your team to ours. "Let me support the process and the experience by listening and guiding your fears, your worries, your hurdles. Let me help you reduce the overwhelm by plugging you into our world with our content, our support and the ability to access your very own executive leadership team. 



After a long road of failed attempts and general challenges, I took on a mission of personal development and self awareness to redesign my life. I'm now empowering people and dancing my way through life's journey. We all deserve to live out our passions, let me help you get your life back on track!



Our general manager has first class project management advice to help extract maximum value from your jobs. "Everything has a budget and everything has a target."



Our non-executive Director has big business risk and financial management strategies for your small business. "The way we do small things is the way we do all things" 



Our business manager has her fingers across all the processes and systems to make your business succeed. "Blame systems, not people"



From my team to yours, let's take you on a journey to #makemoney and #havefun. This Academy has been built for you. You're not alone on this journey. I've dedicated my life to building businesses and my number one focus is to help other leaders within their businesses succeed. And my version of successes is holistic… mind, body and soul. Let's build success in the 7 areas of your life.

Sales Mastery Webinar series

includes our Sales Mastery course

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