our mission

Kickstart your TRADIE business success with our 3 day webinar

We are dedicated to transformation. We are dedicated to fellow trades people, trades business owners and their families. We are here to start a conversation. Our pledge 10% of all revenue goes is to our good mates at Trademutt and their TIACS charity!

Our Contribution

The secret to living is giving. 

Our PI Academy intelligence platform is 100% focused on the results of our members. We are are not here to teach you how to operate, we are here to help you focus on what matters most. This sometimes get's shadowed and distant when we are in the moment of rushing and doing and worrying and striving… all the urgency removes the joy and freedom.

Take a breath, and reach out to us at the academy… we are here to help get you on track by getting your business on track.

Our Culture

PI Academy is a collective effort. 

We leverage the drive and the desires we have in our very own businesses and share them with you. We are tradies, we are business owners, and we are you.

I can tell you now, you are not alone. Start a conversation today and reboot you world.

Our supportive team, strategic systems, pragmatic processes and laser focused intent for you to succeed… is our difference. I can tell you now, we are not a business coaching business, we are a life coaching team 🙂

After kicking off Power Integration in 2004, I can safely say I have been awesome at failing 😉 I have learnt everything, well… what feels like everything, first hand. I am not teaching you theory, I have an eco system of businesses and I am teaching you my real world experience. 

I don't say this to impress you, I say this to impress upon you that if I can do it, you can too. 

I am not preaching business coaching methodology… I am informing, guiding and encouraging you to see a better way from understanding my 15 + years in business.

supporting you to get it right

So you can get back to the important parts of life

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Money, Marketing & Mindset!

Take advantage of our know-how to push your business venture forward.

Kickstart your TRADIE business success

with our 3 day webinar

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