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Take a Breath

Pause a moment, take a breath. Business life and personal life all get a bit hectic but when we take time for ourselves this has a flow on effect. One way to do this is through meditation and practicing mindfulness.

Shake it Off

In those moments of frustration, it can be useful to have some coping strategies. This can be different for everyone. It could be pumping those arms, or changing your state of mind in other ways. Even turning your frown upside down can have a psychologically positive effect

Let it Out

Move all that anxious energy elsewhere by getting the body moving. Go for a walk, run or stretch a little. We can all get a bit mentally and physically tired and despite how we might feel, moving your body can boost your endorphins and help you sleep better. It's a WIN/WIN!

Get it In

Look after Number One! Think about your eating habits - good nutrition and hydration supports your body during the hard times and maximises your energy levels for work and play. We often don't drink enough water, and it is key to increased energy and brain function through the day.

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