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Josh Stanbury Profile


Our Academy manager takes his practical business experience, practical trade experience and his professional academic experience (MBA) to help your journey towards success. We are your sounding board, we are your advisory board, and we hold you accountable to your score board. 


After a long road of failed attempts and general challenges, I took on a mission of personal development and self awareness to redesign my life. I'm now empowering people and dancing my way through life's journey. We all deserve to live out our passions, let me help you get your life back on track!


Our general manager has first class project management advice to help extract maximum value from your jobs. "Everything has a budget and everything has a target."


Our non-executive Director has big business risk and financial management strategies for your small business. "The way we do small things is the way we do all things" 


Our business manager has her fingers across all the processes and systems to make your business succeed. "Blame systems, not people"

A word from our Founder on his personal passion project the "PI Academy"

Glen Powell


From my team to yours, lets take you on a journey to #makemoney and #havefun. This Academy has been built for you. You're not alone on this journey. I've dedicated my life to building businesses and my number one focus is to help other leaders within their businesses succeed. And my version of successes is holistic… mind, body and soul. Let's build success in the 7 areas of your life.

who are we?

We are just like you. We are owners and managers of small businesses just like you. We are parents, friends, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters just like you. 

We are a determined team passionate and dedicated to the improvements of small businesses just like yours. 

We are a team that is here to support you, teach you, implement with you. We are here to kick some business goals with you! 

supporting you to get it right

So you can get back to the important parts of life

Kickstart your TRADIE business success

with our 3 day webinar

Sheridan Jones


Our Academy coordinator is your course and coaching interface, from your team to ours. "Let me support the process and the experience by listening and guiding your fears, your worries, your hurdles. Let me help you reduce the overwhelm by plugging you into our world with our content, our support and the ability to access your very own executive leadership team. 

Money, Marketing & Mindset!

Take advantage of our know-how to push your business venture forward.

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