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Take advantage of our know-how to push your business venture forward.

We are a passionate team of business owners and team members just like you. We offer online courses for a one-to-many delivery approach, and we deliver a one-to-one coaching program for an immersive and individual business advisory and consulting program.


Reduce Overwhelm

increaseĀ profits

removeĀ distractions

Are you a Sparky?
Are you a Plumber?
Are you a Builder?
Are you a Tradie?

Our business Resources and Courses
are here to support you.

supporting you to get it right

So you can get back to the important parts of life

Grow your business with the
Power Integration Academy courses

As well as first hand mentoring we also off a range of courses to set you on your path with motivation, direction and excitement for what lies ahead.

22 lessons for trades business owners

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A challenge shared is a challenge halvedā€¦ take your time back and focus on what you are best at and let us do the rest. Partner with us to workshop your issues, strategise your plans and implement solutions for your business.




Get back to doing what you are best at and join forces with us. Share your vision, goals and dreams so that we can build your life together.




We are you. We are business owners. We are passionateā€¦ and with that experience we partner with great people to share our learning, so that we all lead a life of abundance.

Power Integration business insights

We run our own businesses and can therefore share our real world experiences with you. We do this as a give back to our small business community. We do it out of passion and a true sense of 'paying it forward'. 

Too often are business advisors or business coaches simply just that, they do not speak from first hand experience and they do not still own, run, build or incubate businesses.

We are you. Real world businessmen and woman putting ourselves out there to help you succeed.

Let us help you take your next step with confidence.

Business Tips

The Benefits of Cross-Training

Cross-training staff can come with some major benefits especially to small and medium sized businesses. Cross-training builds you a key team and a strong one …

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Money, Marketing & Mindset!

Take advantage of our know-how to push your business venture forward.

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