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At PI we aren't afraid to stand out, well sometimes the world makes it a little difficult to tread bravely when judgement and criticism is so easily dished out… Anyways, in any case we take pride in our contribution, our culture and our conversations!

Grab yourself some cool tradie outfits and get the conversations started.

This Is A Conversation Starter (TIACS) not only embodies the underpinning philosophy at TradeMutt, but it is also the name of the not for profit mental health support service created and funded by TradeMutt.


TIACS provides free access to mental health professionals, available through a text or call service in a relatable, reliable and discreet way. "Whether you're a tradie, a truckie or a blue collar worker, don't let it get any harder, text or call This Is A Conversation Starter on 0488 846 988".


If you are a carer or part of a support network of someone is who is doing it tough and you could do with a yarn to a mental health professional, TIACS is here for you too. Text or call 0488 846 988.

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Kickstart your TRADIE business success

with our 3 day webinar

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